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October Specials

Cool nights and Sunny day’s of fall……

               In the greenhouse and throughout the store   we have items marked down!   Boots, Clothing, Pet Supplies, Nursery stock, Toys & more

Great values at Great prices


Coming soon!

Limited Ingredient Pet Food


Black Oil Sunflower 50lb $19.99

till 10/31


Co-Op Members …….



                              New Java Drops                                      Chocolate covered “Deans Beans” $2.99 for 2oz


Wood Pellet SALE

New England- $280 per ton

Barefoot- $300per ton

Blackstone- $245per ton

Pricing in Effect  while supplies last

Delivery available call for pricing


All Gates 20% off!!

….till 10/31


Feeding the Deer try….Nutrena’s Golden Deer Nuggets



  • Advanced extrusion technology for superior palatability, superior digestibility and superior water resistance.
  • More protein for growth and antler development.
  • More fat and fiber—and less starch and sugar—to aid digestion and help minimize the risk of digestive upsets in deer.
  • Superior mineral and trace mineral package to support the development of structural tissues and antlers.
  • Higher vitamin levels for enhanced immune system response during periods of stress from the environment and the rut.
  • No waste or stopped-up feeders from corncobs and stalk trash.
  • Durable nugget form for convenient spin feeding.
  • Wild berry scent and flavoring for enhanced consumption and appeal.
  • Aflatoxin safe for all wildlife, including quail and other gamebirds.



Nutrena Country Feeds Pig 14% pellet

For your adult maintenance pigs, boars or pot-bellied pigs…..$11.99


Fall Bulbs Just in!


******************************************** **************

Pennsylvania made Hay Racks

wall mount $24.99

reg $ 32.99


Powerfields 1 1/2″ poly tape 660 ft roll


reg $69.99






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