April Specials

              APRIL SHOWERS………

BEE SUPPLIES 10% OFF                

        ********************************************                            Thermometers….

Bird houses……..                  10% off




Flags, Mats and……..Dog toys 10% off….


Vita Calm horse supplement

$11.99       reg $14.99


15% OFF Goodhew socks!

    10% off all Woolrich!

Plant Fertelixir

$12.99 or 2 for $25

reg $13.99 each


East Quabbin Land Trust


Fundraising benefiting the Garage Project

30 days of prizes $20 per ticket prizes ranging from $75-$700

Visit Hardwick Farmers Co-op or http://eqlt.org/


Chick Days Are Coming!  

Layers & Meat Birds:  Orders must be placed By:

      April 23rd for May 25th pick up                                                                                                                   ( Minimum chick order 6  per state law)

 White Turkeys:                                                                       Orders Must be placed By:                     April 9th for May 18th pickup               April 30th for June 8th pick up              May 14th for June 22nd pick up                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (Minimum 3 chick per order)




Save $ .75 per 50 lb bag 3/27/17-5/20/17

Poulin Grain:

  •  Pig Starter Crumblet

  • Turkey/Gamebird Starter/Starter Grower Crubles

  • Equi-Pro Mare & Foal

  • Non-Medicated Chick Starter Crumble

  • Quick Grow Broiler Crumble

  • Lamb & Kid Starter Pellet



Call or stop in to sign up!!!

All seminars are held at Hardwick Farmers Co-op

  • April 8th: Chickens 101 with:                                                                     Jaclyn Gagnon From Nurena Feeds