July Specials

Wood Pellet SALE

New England- $280 per ton

Barefoot- $285per ton

Blackstone- $225per ton

Pricing in Effect Until August 31, 2017, or while supplies last

Delivery available call for pricing


Now Selling Maple Mama’s

100% Sweetened by Mother Earth™ means no artificial ingredients or high-glycemic sugars. It also means you’re drinking the pure essence of the maple tree. Maple comes to us like nothing else on earth. Each spring, from thousands of tiny rootlets deep in the forest soil, the tree absorbs minerals like zinc, calcium, manganese, potassium, and riboflavin, and creates 54 antioxidants along the way.  And after we tap and craft it into our Maple Spritzers, we pass the benefits on to you.

 Vanilla and Cold Brew Coffee flavors


Got Crops?

tis the season to begin harvesting…with Berry Baskets, Clam Shells and Waxed Boxes


Brown Cedar Mulch 3 for $12

Reg $4.99 each









Equisect Fly Repellent 32oz $11.99


reg $13.99
******************************************** **********************

fly’s away with….. Traps, Tape & Paper


Select Deer Supplies & Attractants Clearanced!!

                                        We carry Earthborn Holistics pet food!*******************************************************************************************

Fall Meat Bird Order….                                    Cornish Rock Crosses

Order By: 8/20/17    

Pick Up: 9/21/17